Our programs

ByGrace Children's Home

ByGrace Trust's Children's Home is located in Kenya, offering a loving haven for orphaned, destitute, and at-risk children. We provide a nurturing family environment to empower these children for a self-sustainable future.

ByGrace DayCare

Our Daycare program is a vital project designed to empower teenage mothers, allowing them to pursue their studies while leaving their children in the care of experienced volunteers and semi-volunteers who are dedicated to looking after them.

ByGrace Primary

ByGrace Primary provides onsite nursery through 6th-grade education and care and has achieved an impressive 98% pass rate. This program welcomes children who have graduated from the daycare, those who join ByGrace sponsorship while in primary school, as well as others from the community, including paying parents. The paying parents helps in providing a source of funds to sustain children in our Children's Home.

ByGrace Junior Secondary & High School

ByGrace Junior Secondary includes grades 7 and 8, while our High School program covers grades 9 to 12. Similar to our primary school, these programs welcome students who complete grade 6 at ByGrace Primary, as well as others who join ByGrace later. Additionally, we have paying students whose tuition contributes to our income, helping sustain our facilities and support the children in our home.

Gap year/Mentorship

The Gap Year or Mentorship Program is aimed at mentoring our students as they transition from high school to college. It typically lasts for six months and includes mentorship and discipleship programs to prepare our students for their future educational journey.

College & University

Following the completion of the Mentorship Program, our students embark on the next phase of their educational journey. Depending on their performance, career interests, and the availability of resources, they can either join vocational training, enrollment in colleges, or pursuing higher education at a university. At ByGrace, our commitment extends beyond academic success; we are dedicated to supporting these young individuals until they emerge as responsible, self-sustaining citizens who make meaningful contributions to society and embody the values instilled during their time with us.

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