Our Projects and YOU.

There are several of the big and ongoing projects taking place around the ByGrace Children’s Home, as well as ways that you can get involved.

Partnering with ByGrace Children’s Home.

Learn about our programs and get involved through sponsorship.


Child Sponsorship

The best way to describe the meaning of your sponsorship is to describe a letter written to one of the sponsors by a child at ByGrace.

He wrote: “Dear Papa Phil…” He started his letter with Papa because he viewed his sponsor as his dad, who through his sponsorship shared a love that is typically given only by parents. The children are thankful for sponsors who have helped to foster hope for a better future.

Through child sponsorship of $45 each month, children
receive food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and an education that will help them overcome their otherwise desperate and hopeless situation.


Food Program Sponsorship

The food program uses funds specifically for the purpose of feeding unsponsored children and bolstering the overall quality of available meals at the home.

This high quality food program called RICE: Real Inspiration for Commitment to Education, is vital to the educational success of each child. Because in the absence of nutritional meals, they are more prone to become fidgety or lethargic and unable to focus on learning.

Your sponsorship of only $15 each month will provide one child with nutritious meals.


High School Building

The ByGrace’s elementary school has an impressive pass rate into high school and next year we will have over FIFTY children in high school!

We have completed the first two classrooms for the new High School but have a lot more to go! High School is very expensive in Kenya and most children do not have the
opportunity to continue beyond elementary school.

Your sponsorship of $25 a month will help us complete the three story high school, which will include a complete Science Lab and six classrooms.


Sustainability Program

ByGrace Children’s Home is striving to cut costs and achieve self-sustainability.

To that end, we have aided them in bio-gas digesters(they supply fuel for cooking!), obtaining livestock, planting crops, and even drilling a water well!

Your sponsorship of only $20 each month will ensure that these life changing programs continue to provide water, electricity, and food to the ByGrace Children’s Home, and help support the surrounding community.


Volunteer Mission Trips

Would you like to visit ByGrace Children’s Home as a volunteer? Our volunteers help build, cultivate, teach and shape when they visit!


General Donations

General, non-specific donations are always a blessing. These funds can be used for completing large projects, making ends meet if food costs soar, and even making unexpected repairs around the property.

Prefer to Sponsor by check?

Simply tell us which program or child you wish to sponsor and mail your check to:

ByGrace Trust
P.O. Box 1631
La Mirada, CA 90637

100 % of Your Support

goes to the the child or program. All donations to ByGrace Trust are tax -deductible.